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Individuals are often disempowered or simply do not know how to react to situations of abuse of children. This leads to children being left unprotected and abuse becomes more common. But there are solutions.


And why it affects us all

Hundreds of millions of children are pushed onto the margins of society around the world. This number is increasing. ChildSafe works to protect children and youth who are: living and working on the streets, using drugs, affected by HIV, migrants or at risk of unsafe migration, in prison or in conflict with the law, victims of abuse and domestic violence, involved in the sex trade, school drop-outs or unemployed, living in poverty or affected in any other way that prevents them from having their internationally recognized rights as children fulfilled. Children and youth living on the margins of society are exposed to many abuses, from physical and emotional violence to sexual exploitation, forced labor or lack of access to health care and education.


To make children safer

Awareness, Behavior Change & Advocacy

Awareness raising, behavior change and advocacy is critical to protect children. By adopting positive behaviors and policies, we provide supportive environments to children and youth. We created campaigns for citizens, travelers and donors.

Child Protection Trainings

We provide trainings to various types of people and organizations. From community members to businesses, non-profits and schools. These entities are given the tools to protect children and youth in their daily life. They are certified and continuously monitored.

24/7 Emergency Hotlines & Support

ChildSafe offers immediate protection to children at risk of being harmed. We have hotlines operating 24/7 ready to respond to a call about a child in danger. Our ChildSafe social workers take the necessary action to rescue and protect the child.


We give everyone a way to protect children

Slide Citizens Citizens Child protection starts with making children around us safer. Everyone can take action at home & in their community. Learn more Travelers Travelers Travelers often don't know how to react to situations involving children during their travels. We show them what to do. Learn more Volunteers Volunteers People who want to volunteer to help children have the best intentions, but can have a negative impact on children. Learn more Businesses Businesses Businesses can play a key role in protecting children. We created a child protection program designed for them. Learn more Nonprofits Non Profits Offering the best quality services to children is essential for their growth. We help organizations do that. Learn more Schools Schools & Universities Schools & Universities can play a huge role in raising awareness about child protection among their students. Learn more Public Authorities Public authorities Public authorities can have a huge impact by setting up the right policies or raising awareness on a large scale. Learn more
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