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High quality services for children & youth

The ChildSafe Alliance’s objective is to significantly improve the quality and impact of services to marginalized children and youth and related groups through an effective global and internationally recognized Alliance of NGOs and Government services. The Alliance is organized across 3 main hubs: Asia, Africa and South America.

Our objectives
  • Share experiences, good practices and lessons learned;
  • Build joint projects (pooled applications, joint researches and advocacy);
  • Coordinate services on the field;
  • Influence policies at local, national and regional levels with public authorities and in coordination with International Organizations and Donor Agencies.
  • Implement specific projects such as the 3PC program.
How we work
  • Recognized Quality Standards.
  • Teams of  qualified experts;
  • Identify organizations of high quality or aiming at reaching high quality in service provision and in management;
  • Build up the capacities of the selected organizations;
  • Monitor and evaluate on a regular basis their activities and impact, and provide recommendations.
What you get
  • Access to specific training;
  • Increased collaboration with other partners in your country;
  • Participation in ChildSafe awareness campaigns;
  • Activities promoted to donors;
  • Involvement in the implementation of common projects.
The 7 Standards

When joining the ChildSafe Alliance, partners enter in a long term agreement with us under which they actively work to implement the following 7 Standards in their work and administration:

  • Governance and management
  • Transparent financial systems
  • Effective human resources management
  • Protection of beneficiaries
  • Sustainable development and beneficiary-centered approach
  • Quality, innovation and impact
  • Culture of learning, sharing and cooperation


3 levels of involvement to better fit your needs

ChildSafe Associate

As a ChildSafe Alliance Associate, we will share the 7 Standards with you with a special attention given to Child Protection, Transparency & Neutrality.

ChildSafe Partner

As a ChildSafe Alliance Partner, you will be first visited by our team who will conduct a support needs assessment and provide specific training.

ChildSafe Certified

As a ChildSafe Alliance Certified organization, you will be evaluated, advised and certified. You will be regularly monitored and supported.


Over 40 partners in 12 countries

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