Country by country

We are often all concerned about the same things when it comes to children and youth: are my children safe when they walk to school? Are they safe on the internet? Are they bullied? But there are also some issues specific to some countries such as migration or children begging. And the answers to all these questions and issues can vary from country to country. That’s why we tailor the Tips for individual countries to make sure they give the right answers. Once they are developed, we work with civil society, businesses, the media, the public authorities, everyone, to spread the message as much as we can. So far, campaigns have been launched in Cambodia and Thailand. We’re now looking at expanding into other countries with the help of our partners (and you).


Reach further

Help us create 7 tips for your country! Fill in the form below and let us know what you think these tips should be for your community. Or tell us about abuses children face in your country.

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