Parallax 7 Tips for Families full resource page: Please find our full page of resources to keep you and your family physically and mentally healthy. Our sources are listed with each tip and we welcome new ideas from our community!

TIP #1: Keep children organized

As we all know, children need structure and boundaries, this is especially true during challenging times like these.

Make a schedule and keep a routine: plan a daily or weekly schedule together, or give them the chance to create one for themselves with time to learn, eat, rest, help with chores and play!

Here are some ideas to help you.

1. Realistic Daily Schedule During Covid-19


Great ideas for creating a realistic daily schedule for toddlers

2. Sample schedules for kids home from school

by Huffington Post

Not sure how to create a schedule for your children? Here are some great ideas to help you.

3. 'This Moose Belongs to Me' reading

by Oliver Jeffers

Set up a daily routine including time to relax together with a famous author to read and tell us about how he got his ideas

4. The Kids' Guide to Coronavirus

by Nickelodeon

Got a gap in your daily schedule? Then drop in on Kirsten Bell at Nickelodeon for kids info and fun plus celebrity tips to keep us calm and happy during lockdown

5. Parenting tips

by the World Health Organization

Ensure your schedules include some 1-on-1 time with your children with some great advice from WHO

6. Honestly Modern


Regular bathtime schedule is fun when you make bathbombs with youtr kids!

7. Romeow & Drooliet read by Haylie Duff

by Storyline Online & the Screen Actors Guild Foundation

Schedule story time in your day for you and the kids to settle down and enjoy some great stories read by celebrities

8. Discover

by Amazon Audible

Set aside time each day for your kids to enjoy a free story – available in various languages

9. Daily schedules for school closures

by Khan Academy

Find a range of fantastic learning materials for 2-18 year olds during lockdown here

10. How to Make Homemade Bath Bombs With Kids

by Honestly Modern

Bathtimes are part of our regular schedule & can be even more fun when kids help to make their own bathbombs!

11. Life Hacks for Kids

by Peacock Kids

Fun and crafty ways to get your supplies organized!

TIP #2: Keep children learning

Schooling can be either stopped or disrupted and this makes it more difficult for many children to keep up with their education.

Whether online or home schooled, using fun and creative ways at home to learn alongside continued access to educational opportunities will support your children’s development – and follow guidance from your children’s school and their teachers.

Here are additional resources to support your children’s learning.

1. Kid-friendly news

by Squiz Kids

As ChildSafe Business @mumpacktravel says in her recent blog – Don’t stress about teaching kids at home during coronavirus – “we love Squiz Kids, an eight minute news and current affairs round up for kids. It’s fun, informative and has a quiz at the end and we listen first thing in the morning. It’s a great way to ease into schoolwork”.

2. Lunch doodles with Mo Willems

by The Kennedy Centre

Artist Mo Willem helps younger children have fun through doodling

3. Museum of the World

by The British Museum

Take your children on a virtual trip through the British Museum

4. Visit the Guggenheim from home

by the Guggenheim Museum

Explore the amazing Guggenheim Museum together

5. Quiz Whiz Animals

by National Geographic Kids

Are sheep nocturnal? Let your kids try this quiz and they might find out when sheep are baa-st asleep & more!

6. LearnHome

by YouTube Learning

Here is a great resource from YouTube for learning together

7. Museum Tour

by Pitt Rivers Museum

Are sheep nocturnal? Let your kids try this quiz and they might find out when sheep are baa-st asleep & more!

8. Charlie Chaplin's "Musical Tramps"

by Internet Archive

Introduce your children to silent film comedy starring a worldwide icon.

9. Regrow food from scaps


Why not regrow food from scraps! From avocados to pumpkins, this is a fabulous family-friendly activity where you can enjoy learning and experiment together

10. Hollow City: The Second Novel of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children written by Ransom Riggs

by Audible

This exciting and errie audiobook from Ransom Riggs is great for teens!

11. Open Library

by Internet Archive

A library in your lockdown livingroom – with over 30,000 children’s books on file ready for you to borrow and read with your kids

12. How to Connect your Kids With Nature During COVID-19

by Mother Nature

Whether you have a backyard or not, find out how to reconnect with nature to reduce anxiety and stress

13. Build a Bug Hotel

by The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

A fun home project for those with balconies or small gardens

14. Khan Academy


range of resources 2-18 yr olds

15. Visit the Tomb of Queen Meresajoum III

by the Giza Project at Harvard University

virtual visit to Egyptian tomb

16. Tour of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

by Smithsonian National Museum

Enjoy a day (or night!) at the Museum and visit The Smithsonian. Enjoy amazing exhibits with your kids from your living room

17. How to Spot Home Birds

by Stephen Moss

If you have a garden, during daily exercise, even from your window, this is a fun nature learning game & experience for you and your children

18. Regrow food from scaps


Why not regrow food from scraps! From avocados to pumpkins, this is a fabulous family-friendly activity where you can enjoy learning and experiment together

19. Hollow City: The Second Novel of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children written by Ransom Riggs

by Audible

This exciting and errie audiobook from Ransom Riggs is great for teens!

20. Imagine you're an astronaut


Find out what it’s like to be an astronaut – enjoy finding out together from your spaceship home

21. Colouring sheets

by Ocean Wise

Kids can color-in and learn about some really amazing sea creatures

22. Celebrating Harry Potter

by Google Earth

Discover places featured in the magical world of Harry Potter, where these stories were first imagined.

23. How to be eco-friendly thanks to Thomson Reuters Foundation


Great ways to help the environment – even if you can’t go out

24. Oceans Online


games etc linked to oceanic environmental issues

25. Nat Geo

by National Geographic Education

Explorers – live Q&A, or watch recorded explorations!

26. VR in Space | VR180 Tour of the Solar System


VR in Space Solar System

TIP #3: Keep children safe online

Children need to use computers and technology for their education, entertainment and to stay connected with friends and families.

During this time, they’ll be using technology more and will have to spend long hours on screen.

Here are some tips and tools about online safety and online health to support you in keeping your children safe.

1. COVID-19: using tech in a positive way

by Better Internet for Kids

With increased reliance on technology for children, this link provides information for everyone to cope safely

2. Talking to your kids about online safety


Great advice to help you explain online safety to your children

3. Net Aware/O2


Overview of advice for parents

4. online safety basics for families

by Australian Government

Help your children safely navigate their digital world and educate them to avoid harmful online experiences. Explore websites, games, apps and social media together and set some rules.

5. Kids Helpline

by Australian Government

If you’re worried about your teen and cyberbullying, this is a great tool to share with them. You can also find general online safety tips here as well (English, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Italian, Greek)

6. Online exploitation information and guidance

by Children’s Society

Great resources to ensure online safety for your kids

7. Being Safe on the Internet


Online safety tips in a youth-friedly video

8. ChildNet

by ChildNet

Interactive online safety video for 6-9 year olds

9. Online safety advice

by Internet matters

Download Online Safety Guide

10. Naked Selfie (Sexting) Risks

by ChildSafe Partner: M’Lop Tapang

In a continuing effort to help children and youth understand the importance of online safety, some of M’Lop Tapang’s staff and students developed this short video for children about sexting.

TIP #4: Keep children active and busy

Physical activity is important for children’s health and well-being.

There are many things you can do at home as a family to stay active and have fun, including keeping them active with chores and helping out in family activities such as cooking and cleaning.

Here are links and ideas to keep them busy, keep them moving and burn off their energy.

1. Cosmic Kids Yoga


Keep active and fit while you’re stuck at home

2. P.E. with Joe

by The Body Coach TV

We love these videos from Joe Wicks especially for kids, but we can all keep moving together – couch potatoes no more!

3. Merequete

by Go Noodle

Move, dance & learn Spanish together in the living room

4. 25 Minute Fun Workout for Kids at Home


Enjoy this workout with your kids

5. Not Dog Time Machine

by Go Noodle

Take a trip through time in our homes and stay active

6. Toddler Yoga: Animal Poses

by Moovlee

Keep active and focused on fun with your little ones

7. The Maxarena

by Go Noodle

Get your kids up and moving with the maxarena

8. We're Going on a Bear Hunt

by Cosmic Kids Yoga

Go on a bear hunt in your living room!

9. 25 Minute Fun Workout for Kids at Home

by Fitness Blender

Enjoy this great short workout perfect for limited spaces

10. Frozen 2: Make Your Move

by GoNoodle

Move along, FREEZE, and feel the magic with all your favorite characters from Frozen 2!

11. EYFS: Wiggle Waggle - One finger, one thumb

by BBC Radio

Wiggle waggle – songs/movement EYS

12. YOGA for Children - Aquatic Animals Yoga Poses - Yoga Practice Tutorial

by Smile and Learn

Yoga for Children

TIP #5: Keep children creative

Staying at home can quickly become boring and young brains need challenges and opportunities to grow.

Keep children’s minds alert and interested by organizing time and activities to encourage their creativity.

Here are ideas and resources to keep them busy, creative and having fun.

1. 5 Simple DIY Paper Toys to Make with Kids

by The Dad Lab

Grab some paper (and a few other bits & pieces!) and make some cool toys with your kids

2. Create a poem

by Poem Generator

Write an entire poem in less than a minute: Take some time to make a rhyme!

3. Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems

by the Kennedy Centre

Get creative at home with artist Mo Willem, helping younger children have fun through doodling

4. Stop Motion Video for Kids

by Play

Create fun videos at home

5. The Invisible Box Game

by Imagination Games

The whole family can have fun with this creative game – and all you need is your imagination

6. The DIY: Fastest Friendship Bracelets Ever

by Hey wanderer

Create these friendship bracelets and wear them together

7. Homemade musical instruments

by Let’s Play Kids Music

Have fun making shakers and maracas at home

8. How to view 3D animals on your mobile

by TechRiders

Learn how to view 3D animals in Google.

9. Paper Airplane Designs

by Fold N Fly

Many aeroplane designs to choose from! Find ones that fly the furthest and stay aloft the longest!

10. Art-Making Activities

by the Museum of Modern Art

For kids ages six and over, MoMA has rounded up some of
their favorite drawing, collage, audio, and movement
activities inspired by artworks in MoMA’s collection.

11. Oobleck Baking Station – Outdoor Sensory Bin

by Busy Toddler

OObleck baking station

12. How to make DIY Musical Instruments for Kids!!

by Ryans World

Make Musical Instruments from household stuff

TIP #6: Manage children’s fears and concerns

It is a worrying time for all and children particularly need help and reassurance in situations like these.

You might be nervous, children are stressed, and living in close quarters is exhausting.

Here are tools and resources to help explain the situation, keep them calm and reassured and to help you manage and cope.

1. How to talk to your child about coronavirus disease


We’re coping with many worries and fears right now, here is some good advice from UNICEF

2. Coronavirus: A Book for Children

by Nosey Crow/NHS

An Axel Sheffler illustrated book with professional advice



This short book created by Manuela Molina is aimed to support and reassure children under the age of 7 about COVID-19.

4. Fact or Fiction


This family-friendly quiz will help improve children’s awareness and understanding of COVID-19

5. Tips for Talking TO AUTIstic Children About Coronavirus


Tips on how to discuss the current situation with your child with autism

6. Dr. Dog eBook by Lydia Monks and Professor James Logan

by Twinkl

A free friendly book to read with little ones that explains Coronavirus

7. Help kids understand social distancing

by Motherly

Tips to explain the importance of social distancing to children

8. Young people's advice for parents

by Young Minds

Tip 6 includes the importance of listening to our children – here’s some really great advice for parents

9. My Hero is You

by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Reference Group on Mental Health
and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings

A new story to be read together with your 5-11 year old to help calm their fears and concerns

10. Meditation for Kids

by Insight Timer

Insight Timer offers a free collection of meditations for children and teens for easing nerves, building self-confidence, and having a restful night’s sleep

11. Anxiety and Coping with the Coronavirus

by Child Mind Institute

Manage worry – for your kids and you!

12. 3 mindful activities to try at home with kids

by House Beautiful

Mindful Activities with kids During Corona Virus

TIP #7: Keep children eating healthily

Children need healthy eating to grow and develop. A healthy diet is more important than ever right now, as children need to maintain their immunity and keep a balance with limited physical exercise.

Keep a check on comfort eating, especially sugars and processed foods.

Here are ideas and tips for meals (also a great chance to get them involved and busy).

1. Top 5 healthy snacks for kids


Healthy snacks for kids are waiting to be nibbled at! Get together with your kids in the kitchen and keep healthy

2. Get your fusspot cooking

by Parents Club

This great little video gives information on how to start to get your kids actively involved in planning and preparing healthy family meals

3. 'What the Ladybird Heard' Cookbook

by Pan McMillan

With twenty-four recipes designed for adults to use with children, from ladybird pizzas to cowpat cookies, The What the Ladybird Heard Cookbook is full of tasty treats, healthy snacks and simple meals to make together.

4. Cook with Buddy

by Jamie Oliver

Get your kids cooking in the kitchen with Jamie Oliver’s son Buddy Oliver and make yummy pancakes together!

5. Cook with Buddy

by Jamie Oliver

Another great recipe with Jamie Oliver’s son Buddy Oliver – this time simple and delicious spaghette bolognese

6. Beyond The Chalkboard

by Boston Children’s Museum

Design a Dip

7. Plastic Wise Granola Bars

by Ocean Wise

Make your own hiking snacks – without any single use plastic!

8. Healthy eating

by Great British Chefs

Make fun and yummy chicken and apple hedgehog rolls by William Drabble

9. Quick Family Pizza | Jamie, Petal & Buddy Oliver

by Jamie’s Family Food Club

Quick Pizza recipe that kids can help make

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