ChildSafe Training Launched in Vietnam

Training now available for businesses and tour guides based in vietnam

With local ChildSafe trainers already based in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand – only Vietnam was missing from our regional travel and tourism activities.

Following increasing demand to have localized ChildSafe tour guide trainings in Vietnam, we supported non-government organization partner Planète Enfants & Développement (PE&D) to provide ChildSafe training to hospitality, travel and tourism businesses, tour guides and travelers.

PE&D is a Ho Chi Minh City-based organization providing child protection, income generation, and gender empowerment programs in Vietnam since 1993. It is also the first and only organization in Vietnam to offer ChildSafe travel training.

ChildSafe International Coordinator, Vuthy Reth says this expansion is a win-win situation that directly meets the needs of existing ChildSafe Businesses as well as building capacity of local non-government organizations in this space.

Vuthy said “ChildSafe has been working with PE&D since 2017 for vocational training and social business support, and we are thrilled to continue our collaboration to include child protection in tourism activities.”

This partnership will provide businesses the opportunity to join our international network of ChildSafe Businesses. In addition, businesses offering overland trips across SouthEast Asia will have the ability to have their tour guides and staff trained on ChildSafe principles relevant to their communities of operation, while saving on trainer travel costs.’

PE&D is the first ChildSafe partner to provide ChildSafe hospitality and tourism trainings in Vietnam, available in both Vietnamese or English, throughout the country, coordinated via ChildSafe Headquarters in Phnom Penh.

We are thrilled to partner with ChildSafe to raise awareness on the risks endangering children in touristic areas and to promote a responsible way of traveling in Vietnam. Since September we have trained well over 100 tour guides and office staff on child safe tourism and protecting children against the negative impacts of tourism. Indeed, with more than 15 million international tourists in 2018, Vietnam is at the forefront of countries highly concerned by these issues.”, said PE&D Country Director, Marjory Wachtel.

For more information on becoming a ChildSafe Business, or to book a ChildSafe training session, please contact the team at ChildSafe Headquarters on

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