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Product Description

Mango is now wholly owned by an Australian couple Anthony Jaensch and Fiona Kidston, who have been living in Cambodia since 2005.

We provide visitors with the opportunity to see not only the amazing temples of Angkor, but also experience the rest of Indochina’s fantastic attractions. Their 10 years experience in-country has given them plenty of time to explore and seek out unique experiences to share with you.

Mango are not just another tour company, touting for customers and following the same well worn paths. We seek out new and interesting destinations. We work with local communities to benefit both the visitor and the local community.

We’re proud to say that Mango is a small, but perfectly-formed company with western management and an amazing Khmer team of staff, bringing the best of both worlds to the planning and delivery of your tours here.

  • To have adventures but in safety and comfort – not too risky but still exciting and intriguing.
  • To make a real connection with local people, chatting to them about their lives and really getting to understand their culture and lifestyle.
  • Not to feel “packaged” – and to (sometimes) be in the only vehicle in the car park!
  • To learn about the culture, history and politics of the country and its people.
  • To sample local cuisine that has been hygienically prepared and adapted to the western palate (no claw or beak in the chicken curry!)
  • To enjoy a wide variety of experiences and see things that are not on the normal tourist trail.
  • To stay (where possible) in comfortable, individual boutique accommodation rather than large, impersonal hotels.
  • To have opportunities to be hands-on, to actually try their hands at some of the things the locals do such as harvesting rice or riding an ox cart.