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Product Description

Established in June 2004 in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Focus Asia was initially set up to serve the Russian market. The main sales office was established in Moscow, from the start we have been the leading operator in this market.

In 2005, operations were extended to Cambodia and Laos and in 2006 to Myanmar. In 2011 more operations offices were opened in Indonesia and Yunnan, and in 2012 another was opened in Thailand. Our company is growing fast and proudly serves thousands of satisfied customers every year.

Our objective for the upcoming seasons is to deliver the best services possible to your clients while opening and reinforcing our relations with key partners worldwide.

Since 2006, Focus Asia has received a growing number of tourists from other European countries, including Germany. In 2009 Focus Asia opened an office in Munich/Germany which is responsible for the European market. Since then Focus Asia opened representative offices in Barcelona/Spain, Milan/Italy, Helsinki/Finland, Paris/France and London/UK.

Our Core Purpose is to help international outbound tour operators reach their goals. Our mission is to deliver programs that consistently exceed customer, employee and partner expectations.