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A global solution for leadership in child protection

By being a supportive or certified business you demonstrate a leading role in child protection – you emphasize that you’re responsible to your customers and you contribute to a sustainable future for your staff, business and broader community.

Why get involved?


Businesses play a key role in protecting children globally. By being a supportive business and demonstrating a commitment to taking a leading role in child protection, you can help build a positive, strong community environment that cements the most important element for children, their family.

Millions of children are pushed onto the margins of society around the world. They are exposed to abuse and exploitation and often adopt risky behaviors to survive.

ChildSafe’s initiatives provide the highest standards of protection to all children and youth, involving key members within all tiers of society and the international community

 While developing innovative programs we seek to strengthen their immediate environment by empowering strategic members of governments, authorities, local communities, and businesses. Known as ChildSafe Agents, they are trained and certified to identify and respond immediately to a child in danger.

 Vulnerable children recognize the ChildSafe logo, which means safe refuge for them. And for anybody faced with child abuse, the ChildSafe hotlines are accessible 24 hours / 7 days a week and managed by social workers who are in the best position to take appropriate actions.

 For over 10 years, we have advocated for child protection policies and practices.  You can be easily part of our Movement by spreading the word or by becoming a ChildSafe Certified company.

Levels of involvement


ChildSafe Business Supporter

Shows your business cares for children


Promote ChildSafe to your clients


Get your Staff ChildSafe certified & involved in child protection


Think about your impact on children (see our 7 Tips)

Childsafe Business Certified

A responsible brand for your customers


Adopt the ChildSafe 7 Standards


Assessment carried out to identify gaps


Receive support to create a ChildSafe Business

Our ChildSafe Businesses


Travel Agencies in Cambodia

  • Indochina Expedition Travel – IE
  • Easia Travel (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar)
  • Hanuman Tourism
  • ABOUTAsia Travel
  • Buffalo Tours
  • A.P Adventures
  • Khiri Travel DMC
  • Travel Indochina
  • Intrepid Cambodia Co., Ltd
  • Carpe Diem Travel
  • Angkor Grand Adventure Tours
  • Mango Cambodia
  • Cotravel

Hotels in Phnom Penh

  • Plantation Group Cambodia
  • FCC Phnom Penh
  • The Pavilion Hotel
  • Amanjaya Pancam Suites Hotel
  • Meng Goldiana 282
  • Town View Hotel
  • Anise Hotel
  • Amber House
  • Kabiki Hotel
  • Almond Hotel
  • Bougainvillier Hotel
  • Raffles Hotel Le Royal
  • InterContinental Phnom Penh
  • Blue Lime
  • Sunway Hotel Phnom Penh
  • Lebiz Hotel & Library
  • Cardamom Hotel
  • Omana Hotel
  • Mysteres & Mekong Hotel
  • Eureka Villa
  • The Plantation Hotel
  • One Up Banana
  • Envoy Hostel
  • Skyline Boutique Hotel
  • Willow Boutique Hotel
  • White Mansion Hotel
  • The 252 Hotel
  • Number Nine Hotel
  • St. 288 Hotel & Serviced Apartments
  • Samsara Villa
  • Rambutan Resort Phnom Penh
  • Phnom Penh Hotel
  • River Palace Hotel
  • Green Palace Hotel
  • Jasmin Monument Hotel

Restaurants in Phnom Penh

  • Friends The Restaurant
  • Romdeng

Hotels in Siem Reap

  • Allson Angkor Paradise Hotel
  • Amansara Resort
  • Angkor Discover Inn
  • Angkor Holiday Hotel
  • Angkor Palace Resort & Spa
  • Angkor Star Hotel
  • Babel Guesthouse
  • Borann, I’ Auberge des Temple
  • Bunnath Guesthouse
  • Casa Angkor Hotel
  • Earth Walkers Guesthouse
  • European Guesthouse
  • FCC Angkor
  • Golden Oranges Hotel
  • Hanumanalaya Angkor Boutique Residence
  • Home Sweet Home Guesthouse
  • Khmer Inn Angkor Guesthouse
  • La Maison d’Angkor
  • La Noria Hotel
  • La Residence d’ Angkor
  • Mekong Angkor Palace Hotel
  • Men Bora Hotel
  • My Home Guesthouse
  • Mysteres d’ Angkor Hotel
  • New AngkorLand Hotel
  • New Riverside Hotel
  • Pacific Hotel
  • Paradise Angkor Villa Hotel
  • Passaggio Boutique Hotel
  • Prum Bayon Hotel
  • Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor
  • Rithy Angkor Guesthouse
  • Rosy Guesthouse
  • Royal Empire Hotel
  • Shinta Mani Hotel
  • Sojourn Hotel
  • Somatevi Angkor Resort
  • Soria Moria Hotel
  • Tara Angkor Hotel
  • The Bagpacker
  • The Villa Siem Reap
  • Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa
  • Sala Bai Hotel School
  • Le Jardin des De’lices (Ecole de Tourisme Paul Dubrule)
  • Hangout Hostel
  • Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel
  • The Aviary Hotel

Hotels in Sihanoukville

  • Monkey Republic
  • Reef Resort
  • The Small Hotel
  • Power House
  • J J’s Countrykitchen
  • Sbov Meas
  • Sihanoukville Villa Hotel
  • Beach Road
  • Above Us Only Sky
  • Mien Mien Otres



Hotels in Thailand

  • Wendy House
  • New Siam I
  • New Siam II
  • Panee House
  • New Joe Guesthouse
  • Viengtai Hotel
  • New World City Hotel

Become a ChildSafe business

If you’re interested in becoming a ChildSafe Supporter or a Certified Company, please contact us.

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